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1580 Digital Multi-Purpose Kitchen Weighing Scale (TS500)

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1580 Digital Multi-Purpose Kitchen Weighing Scale (TS500)

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Name : 1580 Digital Multi-Purpose Kitchen Weighing Scale (TS500)
Quantity : 1
Per piece Rate : 911 INR

Electronic Compact Weighing Scale 25 Kg (Multicolor)

? High Accuracy: 

Electronic Weighing Scale is equipped with high precision sensors which guarantee higher accuracy of weighing. This weighing machine allows you to measure your ingredients in different units and switch easily between g, Kg, lb and oz. This Digital Weighing Scale is your good partner for your large and small cooking projects. 

? Large and Clear LED Display 

It is equipped with large LED display screen to get readings correctly. Its night vision screen glows when itâs dark outside so that you can have a clear and fast reading at night or at dark places also. The widescreen LCD display of this weighing unit provides wide and clear viewing angle for you. Your will save more time on cooking, baking as you can weigh things accurately just for once by using this kitchen scales.

? Easy To Operate 

Rexburg Electronic vegetable scale is easy to use and portable weighing machine. It is made up of ABS plastic which makes it easy to handle and clean. Moreover it provides dual power supply for the ease of your use. You just have to plug in the adapter provided with the weighing scale or insert 2AA batteries to it. It is very simple to understand and one touch operation makes this machine easy to use and conveniently fits in day to day lifestyle.

? Multiple Applications 

This Electronic weighing scale can be used for grain weighing, vegetable weighing, liquid weighing, and also can be used for baking, preparation of family meals, and the preparation of daily healthy recipes. It helps you to maintain your diet. It effectively measures in grams, kilograms, lb and oz. Itâs a perfect gift for cooking enthusiasts who value a combination of precision and style.

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