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1119 Bamboo Wood Skewer BBQ Sticks (10 inch)

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1119 Bamboo Wood Skewer BBQ Sticks (10 inch)

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Name : 1119 Bamboo Wood Skewer BBQ Sticks (10 inch)
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Per piece Rate : 27 INR

Bamboo Wood Skewer BBQ Sticks

Bamboo skewer sticks for all barbecue bbq need. A must have bbq stick for preparing veg. Or non-veg bbq. Ideal for preparing tandoor, kebab, meat or paneer. Natural Bamboo Skewers for BBQ or microwave - Bamboo Sticks are made from 100% Premium natural bamboo.  long sticks helps in cooking in large quantities. Ideal for all type of bbq's. They are heat resistant up to 446f / 230 c and can be used in the kitchen, the grill and on non-stick pans. Great for for serving appetizers, BBQ, kabab, cut fruit, cake decoration, cheese, seafood, hot dog, and hors doeuvres, fruit salad, cake decoration, cheese, fondue, chocolate fountain, cocktail, DIY design, flower gardening and handicraft. BBQ skewers, grill sticks, roasting skewers for fish, seafood, hot dog, city chicken, steak, vegetables, corn

How to Use :

Fill a pan with water and place the bamboo skewers in the water. Make sure the skewers are fully submerged Allow the skewers to soak for a minimum of 20 minutes, and up to 3-4 hours to prevent from burning while cooking/ grilling For a gourmet presentation and an added depth of flavor to your grilled meals, experiment with soaking skewers in wine or juice. Dispose of any unused skewers.

Features :


Bamboo pressure treated, 100% infestation free, - Size: 8 Inch, we dont use Chemicals to smooth-en the sticks,nor Bleach to look Whitish,Whatever colour comes Naturally

Care Instructions:

keep in water for 10 minutes before use/Clean it with dry cloth

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