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0520 Stackable 5 Layer Folding Shoe Rack

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0520 Stackable 5 Layer Folding Shoe Rack

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Name : 0520 Stackable 5 Layer Folding Shoe Rack
Quantity : 1
Per Pieces Rate : 890 INR

Stackable 5 Layer Shoe Rack

your shoes inside the house is really considered unhygienic. This brings in many unwanted things along like dirt, bacteria, germs, garbage, pet waste and what not. Most Asian families follow the tradition of removing their shoes before entering the house, which is a very good practice. To support this habit, a quality shoe rack is required for every household. Portable shoe Organizer rack holder is a perfect solution in this respect. The convertible shoe rack has a strong base that gives solid support to the rack overall.

The 5 Layer Shoe Rack is made to provide a great storage solution for your collection of favorite footwear. It is constructed out of mild steel pipes, so it can hold numerous pairs of shoes. This innovative, lightweight space saving shoe rack can be placed in a cubby closet, indoor , outdoor or in busy entryway to keep shoes or accessories accessible.


1. This shoe rack provides your shoes with enough storage room
2. A Durable , compact and nice-looking shoe rack
3. This compact shoe rack does not occupy too much space
4. It keeps them in a clean and single place, so that you can easily locate the shoes and greatly save your searching time
5. It is a good decorative item for your house


Item Name:  5 Layer Shoe Rack
Material: Mild Steel Meta and PP Plastic
Type: 3 Layers Shoe Rack

Package Included: 1 Shoe Rack 5 Shelf

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